How to Scan Objects into 3D Models II - Settings and Setup Comparisons

This is a follow up to my previous video/post* on how to scan object into 3d models with just a camera using Regard3d (a free Photogrammetry program).

In this video I go in depth into Regard 3Ds settings with visual comparisons and compare different scanning/lighting setups, to show you how you can get the cleanest scan possible.

*It's not really necessary to have seen the previous video unless you get confused in the program about where to click or how to do something.

In fact, quite a few things didn't work for one reason or another in that video, anything I say here overrides whatever I said in that one, specifically the following:

  • Using a Turntable - It is in fact the best and easiest way to scan things.
  • Ink Stains - Seems like they might actually cause more problems sometimes.
  • The Incremental Reconstruction Engine - It works for me now, and it so much better than the Global Reconstruction.
  • The Texture Bug - If you did not know already, it has been fixed, so it's no longer a problem.


You can find the presentation below (or direct link). This is what I will keep updated.


I do not have the time at the moment to convert the presentation to a write up. So in case anything else pops up in the future, if anybody finds better settings or something, I will keep a list here, detailing changes/updates to the presentation.

Test Picture Sets

You can find the test picture sets (all CC-BY licensed) along with other potentially useful links here: Photogrammetry Test Sets.

If you use the picture sets for a video or blog post and/or find something interesting about the settings, I'd love to know, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Additionally if you have any picture sets you're willing to contribute, mine are all hosted in individual repos in a gitlab group, so it's easy to add other's repos to it, see the Contributing section in the link above.



For the point cloud comparisons I used a free program called CloudCompare.

If you're interested in sculpting, you can see how I made the skull sculpt here.

Other News (3D Printer, Life, Perspective Videos)

3D Printer

As I talked about in the video, I'm saving up for a 3D printer. I don't want to promise anything because of my health* but I would like to document the entire process of designing and building it.

My focus will be on having a very precise printer, that can print high temperature filaments as well (so it will be enclosed), that can also in the future maybe double as a cnc/laser (again, for the laser, it will need to be enclosed) and I will be experimenting with a DIY Remote Direct Drive. I haven't found anyone who's actually built one yet (the entire thing, not just the bit that attaches to the head), so I'm crossing my fingers the idea I have works.

Also one of my focuses is to have as FEW 3D printed parts as possible. At some point I will replace some of them maybe, cap the aluminum extrusions, etc, to pretty it up, but I want it to get to the functioning point with ideally 0 parts needing to be printed.


My health has kept improving, so much so though that I started university again (although on a semi-remote basis), which is great but it eats into some of my time now. I'm nowhere near 100% though, I'd say I've gone from 1% to maybe 30%, but hopefully I will keep improving.

I'm studying to be a dental technician btw, and we learn all sorts of interesting things that could come in handy for DIY, so some of that stuff is sure to bleed into future projects.

The New Perspective videos

I have not forgotten about them. I temporarily paused my work on them because of school and this video. They will happen… someday. My priorities now are the scan cleanup video and the 3D Printer.