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References (all used under CC-BY):

Cool house in Washington, D.C. (Logan Circle) by Brent Moore

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England, 11 October 2005 by Phillip Capper

Castle by Richard Leonard

Pen & Marker Sketches

I made a camera rig (you can see it in the first video below) for filming traditional sketches. It’s a bulky solution but it works well regardless of how comical it looks. I don’t think it’s worth an instructable. All I did was stick a wall hook in the ceiling and then mess around with the rope until I got something that worked. It’s surprisingly secure. It also doesn’t cast any bothersome shadows or anything.

The original plan was to just hang the camera but it moved to much even if I tied it to the shelf, plus it cast a horrible shadow.

In the future I’m thinking I will hang it, but making some sort of arm that sticks out from the shelf to properly stabilize the camera. It doesn’t need to be bulky since it won’t bear any weight and to not get a shadow I just have to get the camera in the right position.

I thought about making an overhead arm for the tripod but I’m not sure how I’d attach the camera. The ways I’ve seen it done would mean that the camera would end up in portrait mode (because there’s only space to the sides for the counterweight) and you wouldn’t be able to modify it’s tilt at all.

If anybody has any ideas or suggestions leave me a comment.