So... YouTube Enabled Unskippable Ads Without Asking Me

I'm furious.

I never wanted to add unskippable ads.

Don't know exactly when this happened. Worst part is there's no option to batch remove the ads, so I had to go one by one to disable them. I think I got them all but if you find a video of mine with unskippable* ads please contact me so I can remove them.

I only found out because I was turning off monetization for an outdated video and noticed it was on. I had seen lately that there had been a drop in views/revenues lately which I thought was a bit odd, but put it down to one of those random fluctuations, or maybe because I wasn't posting as frequently, but looking at my timeline now it's quite clear it was the unskippable ads.

So, sorry for everyone who suffered through that.

Hopefully in the future I can make enough of patreons and donations that I can disable them completely, but for now, unfortunately, I need the money to buy materials for projects, etc.

*I believe "unskippable" ads below the 5 second skip timer don't count. It's if they're longer than that.