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Art Supply Haul + Updates

Sorry for the lateness I had a lot of trouble uploading because it was so long. There might be some audio gap/jumps because I had to split the video into parts to upload and the youtube editor is horrible for stitching them back together.

Bottle Cap Palette Containers Tutorial

Keeping Your Acrylic Paints Wet - Retarders

Keeping Your Acrylic Paints Wet - Stay Wet Palette

First Painting with New Setup

Springy Sketching Pen (Coming Soon)

Torso Tutorial (Planned)

Thumbnail for Bottle Cap Palette

Bottle Cap Palette

This post is also available as an instructble.

Bottle Cap Palette 1

I added a piece of paper so you can see the glass better. I plan on adding contact paper and painting the back gray.

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Thumbnail for Lower Kananaskis Lake

Reference: Lower Kananaskis Lake by davebloggs007/ used under CC-BY

Lower Kananaskis Lake

Messing around with thick strokes. Keep in mind this is a very small painting (~5x10cm).

Thumbnail for Cornish Harbour

Cornish Harbour

Following this tutorial: How to Paint a Cornish Harbour in Acrlics by Will Kemp

Cornish Harbour

I really like watching Will Kemp’s tutorials and thought I’d try a recent one he did because the colors and style really appealed to me. I ended up not to happy with the above at first. I lean towards realism so it’s hard for me to be loose with details. Also my canvas was smaller than it should have been looking back now.

I was going to give it another try and got halfway through:


Cornish Harbour - Second Abandoned Try

But then I left the paintings sitting for a bit and I ended up liking the first more so I left the second alone. I’m posting it because it’s interesting seeing that in-between step.