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Reference: The Kish by PaulODonell / used under CC-BY

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Color Swatches

Brick wall & tree.

Color Swatches

I’ve heard of artists keeping a notebook with just random color swatches as an exercise in observing color and I found that interesting. Also like I mentioned this is one of the things I most enjoy about painting, matching the colors. So I gave it a try.

I used quality printer paper which is quite fine for pencil sketches but it doesn’t take paint well so I’ll probably be making a tiny watercolor notebook just for this in the future because I really enjoyed it.

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Random Sketches (Mostly Boats) - Reference Images from Morguefile

Random Sketches (Mostly Boats)

Sketches where done with ink, then colored in with water-soluble colored pencils and smoothed/disslolved with a waterbrush.

~2015-05 Exact date unknown.

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Old Barn by davebloggs007