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Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn't Exist by James Gurney

224 Pages - Paperback

Review of Imaginitive Realism by James Gurney

So this book has been on my wishlist for a while and I recently discovered bookdepository which is significantly cheaper for me where I live so I decided to try it out.

Book Depository

First of all you might want to know that the "free" part of the Book depository shipping is actually included in the price and differs depending on where you buy it from. I only realized this because I had someone in the US buy it for me and they told me they actually paid even less than the price I was seeing (which was still ~10 dollars less than amazon). They had no problem putting in my address here in Argentina though. Apparently it's just where the site is seeing you coming from so you could probably use a secure VPN to get around this, but I have no idea how legal that might be or if that breaks their terms of use or something.

They said 15 days max to arrive, but there are crazy import restrictions in my country, so it probably got delayed by customs. It took nearly a month and a half to arrive since they shipped it out. If you're in Argentina I still had to go pick it up and pay $50 pesos, so door-to-door is still not working properly. At least they did not open the package or anything.


It was pretty nicely packed in the box you see in the video. In fact I've been struggling without how I'm going to ship paintings if I make them on stretched canvas and I'm going to copy their idea in part because it doesn't require me to buy a box. It's basically made out of one long strip of cardboard cut like the diagram below.

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Inktober Sketches and Drawings

These are all the drawings I managed to do for inktober. You can see me flip through the sketchbook and talk a little about them in the video below. I also made a playlist with all the drawings I recorded. They're silent, but I added some details about the process for each in the description.

You can also go through all the drawings and any preparatory sketches I posted below.

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Comparison of my arms before and after this month's practice.

Before was with ref, after was done without.

September's Daily Sketches

In this video I go through all the sketches I did this month and some new methods I used to practice.

If you have a tablet and are interested in trying 3d sculpting, I would suggest Sculptris which is free and very easy to use (also look out for Zbrush Core which is supposed to be an easier affordable version of Zbrush, all 3 are from the same company, Pixologic). Just note it's not meant for point modeling (that is for very geometric shapes like the rib cage). It's more like sculpting with clay, for point modeling you need something like Blender but it has a huge frustrating learning curve.

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Reference (from morgueFile): Image by pedrojperez

Ink Drawing of Neuschwanstein Castle

For this video I changed things up and did an ink drawing because I was a bit tired of painting, and also because I'm going to attempt to do inktober.

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Animal Skull

Reference (from morgueFile): Image by tinabel

Painting an Animal Skull in Acrylics

In this video I talk you through my painting of an animal skull and how I tried to emphasize the colors.

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Crowned Pawn

Reference (from morgueFile: Imageby svklimkin

"Crowned Pawn" - Acrylic Painting

In this video I talk about trying to keep the the painting lose and a few things I tried to help that.

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Highclere Castle

Reference (from morgueFile): Image by johninportland

Palette Knife Painting of Highclere Castle

In this video I experiment with a palette knife for the first time, and talk about how that helped force me to simply details, and also how to flatten warped canvas paper for when you need to make straight lines.

I really like painting and drawing buildings so two of the reference photos I had printed are castles. This one is Highclere Castle which most of you will probably recognize from Downton Abbey from Downton Abbey. It's on my ever growing list of places to go see. If it looks amazing in photos I can't imagine in real life.

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Water Lily

Reference (from morgueFile): Image by morethanordinary

Painting a Water Lily in Acrylics

This painting is for sale, contact me if you're interested.

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